Lazy Sunday Black Swans

Black Swans

Well here we are on another lazy Sunday. These are a few shots of our native black swans on the main river that runs through Perth. The swans cluster about up and down the river and we happened to be out on a photo expedition when we came upon this group.


Willem de Vlamingh, a Dutch Explorer actually explored the Swan River on the Western Australian coast in 1697 but instead of claiming Australia for the Dutch, he left a large pewter plate nailed to a post to tell others he had been there.

Black Swans

Unfortunately for the Dutch, the “Willem woz ere!” plate was not a binding claim and so Australia remained in the hands of its native inhabitants for an extra hundred years or so. His expedition was the first group of Europeans to see black swans. At that time, Europeans refused to believe that black swans existed and were only convinced when a couple of specimens were sent to Batavia by de Vlamingh.

Swans on the Swan River

Hope you enjoy a lazy Sunday!

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  1. I made a friend in France who is from Perth while we studied in Toirs and were the only ladies of “un certain age” in our class. 🙂 Iowa State University in the US keeps two white trumpet swans, Lancelot and Elaine. They live at the campus’s Lake Laverne. They are special and much loved mascots. I really enjoy your blog.

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