Haiku – Blue Sky Ennui

This wonderful bay of crystal clear water and coral was a delightful stop on our bike ride around Rottnest Island off the coast of WA


Of crystalline blue

The ocean hopes for grey skies

With a clear conscience

It can’t be helped. This sort of scene captures you and the amazing colors make you want to jump in and swim about.

Thankfully a morbid fear of sharks put me off but I did get this rather luscious shot.

A wise man once said “Never turn your back on the sea.”

With a view like this how could you?

In response to Ronovan Writes weekly haiku challenge: Crystal and Hope




  1. That is such a stunning scene you captured, TJ. The colors are so eye-catching. Loved you haiku. Very creative way to have the ocean say, “Let it Rain…”

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  2. Love the image! You’re right, who could turn away from that view? I share your fear of sharks and in south Florida your chances of getting bit by one is much greater. However, I still swim at the beach––can’t help myself. You definitely captured the beauty of the bay. Love the haiku too. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Vashti! I can’t help swimming too! I know so many Aussies who live near the beach but will only swim in the pools in their backyards. It is a great waste. So delighted you liked the haiku. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! TJ

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  3. I, for one, am grateful you have a fear of sharks… that means we get more beautiful haiku and photographs! That is one awe-inspiring view. I could take a few years of life to gaze upon this sight!

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    1. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment. I am lucky to live near such a beautiful place. I am ashamed to say that I do not go there as often as I should for inspiration. Hope you have a richly hued week! TJ

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