TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Calendar

This old desk calendar with its celluloid months and numbers marks off the fleeing days.

Where does the time go? Already 2 weeks into 2016!

This week’s prompt is “Calendar”. See what you can do with this. You don’t have to be literal about the prompt or use the word in your haiku. You could be writing about an actual calendar, a picture on a calendar or the idea of time itself. It is all about having fun and being creative.

Last week’s prompt “Tap” led to some wonderfully creative responses.

Tap at the Mont St Michel

Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library is running with a range of tap motifs here is this collection of wonderful haiku and other micro poetry forms.

Judy of Edwina’s Episodes has gone cold for this refreshing haiku.

Kia of ‘The Recovering Know It All’ has taken the prompt and turned it about in 3 ways to produce some very clever haiku.

Creating a Home has gone with other meanings of “tap” and matched them with some great images too! Check them out!

And finally this week – Elusive Trope with a deep haiku dripping with possibilities and meaning.


    1. Thanks so much for participating. I love the haiku and hope that the absence is a poetic one only. Very best wishes to you and hope you have a happy week ahead! TJ

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    1. Hi there from Western Australia! Thanks so much for participating and welcome to the challenge! At the moment I can’t see you post as when you click on the link there is a message saying that your blog is open to invited readers only. You may need to go to settings and change the privacy/viewing options so we can enjoy your work. Hope to see you post soon. Let me know when you think it is open for viewing and I will check. Very best wishes, TJ.


    1. A truly beautiful haiku and an uplifting story of how to deal with one of the many challenges of caring for the elderly. Inspirational! Thanks so much for coming back!

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    1. Welcome to this week’s challenge and thank you for you wonderful haiku and accompanying image. It is great to see where the prompt takes people. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. TJ

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