Shards of the sun


sunset fremantle (Large)
Fishing Boat Harbour in Fremantle, Western Australia. Summer Sunset. TJ Paris Photography

The shattered sunlight

Flashed like a million diamonds

Dancing on water


In response to RonovanWrites weekly haiku challenge “Flash and Dance”


  1. Gave me the chills, in a good way. I could sit and watch water, boats and all manner of marine life, all day long. Write poetry and be perfectly content. ❤

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    1. I agree – minus writing the poetry. I just stick to reading it, myself. 🙂 But give me the water (the river or the sea), the boats and the yarns. I did sit, when I was a kid, on the steps on the Danube embankment in the summer holidays, literally all day, watching the barges, the cruise liners, the swooping gulls and the dancing of the sunshine on the ripples of water and dreamed of the sea far away.

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        1. If you ever come to see the Danube, the greatest river in Europe, go to Budapest, “Pearl of the Danube”, a UNESCO World Heritage City and the most livable city in Central & Eastern Europe – well at least according to Wikipedia – and incidentally my hometown (which I left for the sake of an Englishman!).
          And after you wandered all over the Roman ruins of Aquincum, rode on the 2nd oldest underground line in the world, saw the Parliament building that challenges the London one for grandeur, tasted real ice-cream walking along the bouvelards and avenues of Pest, explored Buda Castle District, rowed a boat under the walls of Vajdahunyad Castle (or skated on the largest open air ice rink in Europe as it is in winter), somebody explained to you about the heroes on Heroes’ Square… After you read a three-day-old Daily Telegraph in a coffee house, saw the unforgettable view from the summit of Gellért Hill, visited the caves, the catacombs, the forests, the view points, Margaret Island, the art galleries, the spas and the Turkish baths, the Basilica, the museums and done two dozen other things that I cannot, sadly, all list here… Then go down to the Danube, sit under Elizabeth Bridge and watch the barges and the cruise liners go up- and downriver. Like I used to do. 🙂
          And then ask me and I’ll tell you about the history of one of the oldest countries in Europe.
          (Anybody’d think I was homesick.)
          I think I might have just decided to add a new feature to my blog – about Hungarian history and legends. At least I should know what I’m talking about there. Thank you! 🙂

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          1. I would love to read more! You have made it sound so absolutely delightful. It is not a destination that most Australians usually think of visiting. It sounds like we are missing out on a true gem! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

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