TJ’s Household Haiku – Potpourri

Paris porcelain potpourri vase with a floral encrusted Coalbrookdale vase
Paris porcelain potpourri vase with a floral encrusted Coalbrookdale vase
Two Paris Porcelain potpourri vases and an English Coalport potpourri vase, both from the early 19th Century.

Drifting through snowflakes

Here in the cold midwinter

The scent of spring blooms

Welcome to this week’s TJ’s Household Challenge and many thanks to Ritu of “But I Smile Anyway” for the prompt suggestion of “Potpourri”

Pictured are a pair of early 19th Century Paris Porcelain potpourri vases, sadly a little worse for wear. We have had them for many years and I love the lavish decoration. The floral encrusted vase comes from the English factory of Coalport. It has discreet holes in the top to let the scent of potpourri diffuse into the room. Any items made around Paris but not easily traced to a specific French porcelain company are referred to as “Paris Porcelain”. These are unmarked but would have been rather splendid items in their time.

Last week’s prompt “footstool” saw some of our regulars putting their feet up and mulling over the challenge.

Judy Martin has put her pouffe feet first into the challenge with great results.

Ritu reminds us that you are never to young to put your feet up sometimes.

I love this trio from Tucked into a Corner. Things that go bump in the night!

Kia has a lovely “throne” from which he works to create bonds of friendship.

And last but never least Kat Myrman and Miss Muffet’s dilemma.


Want to join in? It’s easy! Just write your own post containing a haiku inspired by any aspect of the prompt (feel free to use the photo or one of your own) and add a link to your post in the comment section at the end of this post. (just click the black speech bubble to access) Entries can be made any time until Saturday next week so stop on by!



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