TJ’s Household Haiku -Cut

Japanese Crests
Japanese Crests
The Japanese Art of “Mon Kiri” – literally “Crest Cutting”

Prompt Word = “CUT”

A summer artwork

The sun, cut from a gold disc, 

Rests on blue paper


Here are some examples of “Mon Kiri” a lesser known Japanese craft using paper folding and cutting to reproduce Japanese traditional family crests or “Mon”. Each family has its own “Mon” and they appear on traditional male kimono on the shoulders and are used to embellish goods related to the family.

The most famous “Mon” is the chrysanthemum, used by the Japanese royal family in an unbroken line of over 3000 years. In fact the “Chrysanthemum throne” is the oldest unbroken imperial line in the world.

Hi Haiku enthusiasts. After a week’s hiatus due to computer and other assorted issues The Household Haiku Challenge is back.

Here is a summary of the lovely people who graced the blog with their contributions for the last challenge.


Vaux the Vicomte. Le Notre design
Vaux the Vicomte accross the lake

First up was Tessa! A great haiku about matches and mismatches.

Zane of the Poetry Channel has made waves with this haiku. Last chance for the Poet’s for Peace challenge he co-hosts. Do check it out!

Judy of Edwina’s Episodes goes all medieval on us this time. Fantastic image!

Olga has us in the rafters in this great haiku with a wonderful image!

The words mirror the theme which mirrors the theme. Lovely work from Kat Myrman!

Ritu of But I Smile Anyway has two expertly crafted haiku. I highly approve of her Wine one.

ISM from My Choice 360 has encapsulated the joy of nature here. Great work!

Freya of Freya Writes has paired a beautifully taken black and white image with a pair of haiku about “Perfect matches” Love it!

Symmetry – TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge

Three Architectural pieces from Tucked into a Corner this week using the photo prompt as a catalyst.

Kia from The Recovering Know it All has again combined a wonderful haiku with a most thoughtful and moving post. Do take a moment to read.

Ruth of Image and Word shows how balance can be distorted.

A great big welcome to Radhikasreflection joining in for the first time this week. Stunning flower image and great haiku to match!

Want to Join? Add a link to you haiku based on the theme – use the word or the image or both as a springboard to your own haiku.

This is a haiku hub event

Haiku Hub Badge copyright TJ Paris 2016



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