TJ’s Household Haiku – Water lilies

My Daughter and I have lashed out on some gouache paints while in Paris and this is my attempt at some water lilies after seeing the original at the Musee d’Orsay.

The water lilies

Drift like twilight clouds sun kissed

Across the ocean

Welcome to TJ’s Household Haiku from lovely Paris!

I have taken up art classes and have been playing about with paints. This is an example. It may not be brilliant but I can thoroughly recommend painting for anyone prone to stress. The key is get yourself a decent variety of paints and some proper brushes in a range of sizes and some good quality thick paper suitable for acrylics. Nothing is more demoralising than trying painting with cheap paint, poor brushes on non responsive paper.

Gouache is a great paint as it is very easy to apply, gives a lovely solid colour if you want it and can be watered down to give lighter washes that aren’t so difficult to manage as water colours. And everything washes up in water.

Anyway, after a week of silence HHHChallenge is back.

Autumn leaves in the Jardin du Luxembourg
In the Jardin du Luxembourg as the last of the autumn leaves drift across the park these chrysanthemums picked up a few.

Many thanks to the patient people who joined in with the previous prompt “drift

Here is a compilation of their wonderful efforts. Some particulary inspired examples from this prompt! BRAVO Haiku Hubbers!

Two On a Rant produced a simple and charming haiku.

Ritu has set us adrift with a story of loss here. Wonderful

Olga is right on point with this avian reflection.

A wonderful haiku from Sweet Aroma! Makes us realise how fortunate so many of us are. Thanks for coming along and hope to see you next week!

Judy Martin has let imagination drift (to a point) here with a great image to match.

Pat B has excelled herself this week. Wonderful perspectives drifting by.

Nature blends in colorful allusion in Tucked Into a Corner’s triplet this week.

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