The Hotel of the Universe

Reflected in the window of the Hotel of the Universe is the Town Hall of St Malo. Within - a universe of joy.
Reflected in the window of the Hotel of the Universe is the Town Hall of St Malo. Within – a universe of joy.

There within the walls of St Malo, directly opposite the ancient town hall stands the Hotel de l’Univers. From the moment I stepped through the door I knew that in all the universe I would never find a hotel I could love more.

The discrete back stairs with a wooden banister rail worn so perfectly smooth it made one want to commit indiscretions just for the joy of running your hand along it. The rooms, each with their own little personalities with abandoned fireplaces of marble, suggesting previous incarnations. Floors so appealingly uneven that each step was an adventure. The seemingly abandoned tiny ballroom, deliciously cool and dim, with time alone separating one from the Belle Epoque and the grand piano standing as though the very last vibrations of a salon piece by Debussy or Delibes had just stopped resonating.

The dining room with the last vestiges of Art Nouveau whiplashing its way around the cornices. The charming lounge of paneled wood with hundreds of photographs of little pleasure boats gifted by the owners over the decades, the fading only increasing the romance.

The strangely empty salon filled with ancient armchairs that begged to give repose. And the wonderful lift.

Oh the lift, so narrow and tiny that one patron had changed the maximum number of passengers from 4 to 2 and written “Aiiii!” above the “up” button. How we loved to ride it’s red fabric lined interior, knowing that just behind the rear panels was Narnia.

It may not have suited the traveler who demands hospital like cleanliness or carbon copied comfort. It may not have suited those who demand obsequious staff and gargantuan buffets. It may not have suited those who have lost a sense of adventure after years of privilege and excess. But, it suited me, and it will always live in my mind as the perfect “Hotel of the Universe”.

This is my 100th Post!

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In response to Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place


    1. Thanks! I have certainly been very blessed to have had the opportunity to visit these beautiful places. I am very grateful for this and for the lovely feedback that has come my way from sharing some of these experiences. Bon weekend! 🙂

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