London œil

The London Eye on an English Summer's day that I snapped from across the Thames.
The London Eye on an English Summer’s day that I snapped from across the Thames.

The London Eye 

If you go to London and glance across the Thames near Big Ben you will see the London Eye, the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. Resembling a giant bicycle tyre, it incessantly spins  tourists at such a pace that their money is ripped from their wallets due to the centripetal force.

It basically costs alot!

It would appear that either companies that own it get tired of it or go broke, for it has had numerous names since it appeared. It was originally known as the British AirwaysLondon Eye then the Merlin Entertainments London Eye, then the EDF Energy  London Eye. From January 2015 it has gone the way of all good icons and now is known as the Coca-Cola London Eye. Huzzah!

It is also known as the Millennium Wheel which at least is not affiliated with some big conglomerate. 

This is a view from the very top of the London Eye. Not for those who do not care for heights.

Don’t go unprepared  thinking you can just join the queue. It has an odd system where you have to buy a ticket that tells you to come back at some later time and then line up, so you have to wait a fair while for the privilege of ascending into the cool blue in a capsule that looks like a suppository.

You can probably tell I was not overly enamored by the experience but it did give one an excellent view of the city despite the capsules being very chilly. I would not like to be up the top in a good old English winter downpour I can tell you! The whole experience left me cold!

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  1. Haha, centripetal force if you are on the ground watching the punters being ripped off … centrifugal force if it is you on the eye being ripped off! Either way a big con, but as always you make it into a very amusing travel tale. You should write a book. The London Eye is now firmly crossed off my bucket list.

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  2. Great shots! They just recently built one in Las Vegas but, even with the views, I doubt I will ever go on it. Prices start at $35 at night in a cabin, capsule, suppository that holds about 40 people!

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    1. The shocking thing is that people will pay it! I am glad you liked the shots! I would not bother riding it again but you did get an amazing view of London. Riding in a “suppository” as you so rightly named it was weird. How you have a great Friday and weekend! 🙂 TJ

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