TJ’s Household Haiku – Shadows

Shadows – The tail and propellers of WWI planes create a futurist artwork.

Are we but shadows

Dancing on a sunlit wall

Until the sun fades?

This week I am writing from our nation’s capital, Canberra where I am spending a few days exploring the wonders of the city. Most people who are not Australian assume that Sydney is the capital. WRONG! Canberra is a purpose built capital city, constructed betweeen Sydney and Melbourne with the express purpose of preventing any specific State capital becoming the nation’s capital as well.

Anyhoo! As a consequence I could not photograph an object d’art from my home for the haiku.

Instead I have gone with Shadows. They are everywhere! So if you can photograph an interesting shadow as an inspiration for your photo please do join in!

The picture is of shadows cast by WWI Planes hanging from the ceiling of the National War Memorial Museum.

Many thanks to those who went for the prompt “ART” last week.

Azul Zaffre chose a wonderfully rich palette to paint her haiku this week. A brilliant sequence!

An adept artist inspired Judy’s piece this week.

Welcome for the first time on the challenge Annette Rochelle Aben who is a regular haikuist on Ronovan Writes haiku challenge and an author as well. Delighted to have this piece to share and the wonderful artwork that inspired it.

Kay Myrman’s Renoir inspired haiku gives us a knowing glance into the eyes of his model.

Life Home and Away looks at the effect of perspective on art in these two well crafted haiku.

Pat B has shared some natural artworks that inspired her poetry this week with great effect.

The potential of art to transport one is encapsulated in Elusive Trope’s poetry this week. A great image too!

Like to join in?

Check out the main page HERE and you might also like to glance at some of the past topics and haiku.

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    1. Thanks so much for rejoining after what sounds like a very tough time. Your haiku this week are brilliant in the way you have developed the idea. Very best wishes! tj

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