TJ’s Household Haiku – Pins


Wind in the fir trees

Scattered about the forest

A thousand new pins

Pins on marri wood cheese platter
Pins scattered over a large slab of Australian Marri timber which we use as a cheese platter. The wood comes from a reclaimed trunk of an old tree which fell naturally in the forest.

It is autumn in Perth and we don’t really get what you would call a “classic” autumn with the lovely shades and colours. Basically it is damn hot one day and then it get’s cold. Anything that should die, dies and falls off fast, and then we wait a couple of months and it gets damn hot again. As most of the Australian trees are not deciduous, they just sit around waiting for spring. The cool has just come along this week and is most welcome. We have actually had two days where it rained!!!

Would you like to join in the fun? Don’t hesitate to leave a link in the comments (hit the black speech bubble at the end of the post) to your own take on the prompt. I will feature your work next week!

Last weeks prompt of WALKING STICK let to some very creative responses.

Judy needed no stick to get her to the front this week. A stick with a twist in this haiku!

A big welcome to Ritu of But I Smile Anyway for joining this week. I love her innovative take on the prompt and the accompanying photo!

Kia has not only prefaced his haiku with a charming lead in poem but has taken the prompt and turned it into romance. Check it out!

With a wonderful quote from John Muir and a cleverly philosophical haiku, Elusive Trope is in need of no intellectual crutch.

Cleverly incorporate with the AtoZ challenge, Life Home and Away has given us food for thought.

Three great interpretations from Azul from Behind Distant Doors. Bodily frailty cannot conquer true love.

Kat Myrman has created a quntessential haiku with a clever allusion to rain and the sound of a cane. Love it!




  1. Love the haiku and learning about your autumn… fascinating. We have evergreen trees everywhere here, so there is always some form of green no matter the season.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that DOES make sense… See that, and I have picked a fine time to let my hair g-r-o-w. Those bobbed styles were always too cute for words. However the curls I get now from the pins work with my longer hair. Decisions, decisions. Think I’ll sleep on it. night night

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Loved these haiku. I can’t believe that the Household haiku has been going for well over a year now. Hope you are keeping well and thriving.


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