TJ’s Household Haiku – Walking Stick

Japanese bamboo cane with carved decoration of an owl

The wise owl knows well

To cling closely to the branch

That moves in the wind

Japanese bamboo cane with carved decoration of an owl

This Victorian bamboo walking stick was made in Japan and has a little owl carved in the shaft.

This can sits in my hall and I love the tiny owl which is carved as though it is nesting in the cane itself. It is little more than an inch long and the Japanese artist’s name is carved in microscopic script below. It is an example of the English obsession with all things Japanese in the late 19th Century. A fastidious Aesthete would have brandished such a cane, possible bought at Liberty’s who sold Japanese decorative items to the dapper chappies.

Last week the prompt of “Phone” generated some sympathetic responses and I was delighted to find other phonophobes that dislike the phone as much as I do.

Check out their witty haiku below.

The phone in its proper place from the witty Annette Rochelle Aben.

Behind distant doors clearly appreciates the Great Garbo’s spin on telecommunications. I fully agree!

Life home and away has several great takes here. “Death Calling”. Definitely one to hang up on!

There is no escape from Mercury Colliding. Step away from the mobile!

A wonderfully amusing haiku from Judy of Edwina’s episodes!

Phone technology may change but the endless ringing does not. A great trio from Tucked Into a Corner

Kia of the Recovering Know it All tells it like it is with his quartet of haiku. We can all understand the irony of hating the phone and yet needing and using it.


Feel like joining in? Go for it. Just write a haiku based on the prompt and add a link to your post in the comment section. Call the post whatever you like but if you add TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge to your tags others can find you.

Best wishes and happy haikuing! TJ


  1. Happy to ring in for the phone haiku! What a beautiful piece of handiwork, both the haiku and the walking stick! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sorry to hear of your foot affliction! Chronic foot pain is a real trial. I hope that you can find a solution. Just loved your haiku and your innovative “stick” solution. Very best wishes and thanks for the haiku! TJ


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