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Haiku Hub Badge copyright TJ Paris 2016Hi Fellow Haiku Enthusiasts.

I would love to give an opportunity for the members of the Haiku Hub to participate in some events.

What I would particularly love would be for Haiku Hub Members to either suggest some event ideas or host a Haiku Hub event on their own blog.

It is a great way to get to know one another and give us all a chance to be part of a community rather than just one person calling the shots.

Do you have any ideas?

Share them in the comments and we can try for our first Haiku Hub event some time before the end of August.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

If you would like to be part of the community leave a link to your blog in the comments and I will add you in!

Just a small blossom

Yet like all true artistry

Life, death, and beauty


Haiku Hub Members

Do check out the blogs of our members and if you would like to join in leave a link in the comments to your blog. (press the little black speech bubble to access)



Like Mercury Collidi– Kiwinanang


Image and Word


Life Home and Away


My Choice 360


Capricious Poet




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But I Smile Anyway


Freya Writes


Scattered Thoughts


Art and Life


On the Land


Tucked Into a Corner


Scribble and Scrawl


Lady Lee Manila


Lines of Shadeau


The Recovering Know it All


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Stuff and what if…


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Welcome also to…

Look Around – Mopana


Wild Daffodil


You can add a Haiku Hub Logo if you like to your post

The Poetry Channel


Annette Rochelle Aben


Ronovan Writes


Check out his weekly Haiku Challenge each Monday if  you have not already discovered it.

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Haiku Hub Badge copyright TJ Paris 2016


46 thoughts on “Haiku Hub – Events

  1. I would love to see as many Poets as possible contribute to an international collaboration called #POETSFORPEACE, that we started last month. The comments will be open through Aug 31st for you to paste your poem ( not link or pingback, though those are welcome in addition to the poem itself).
    We have had a great turnout, but interest has waned. Haiku Hub could help finish strong.
    Please consider reblogging my post:
    Thank you.
    I hope this isn’t spammy. Sorry if it comes across that way.

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  2. Sounds like a good idea Tim!
    Maybe in addition to your Haiku challenge, whoever wishes to host, could choose a photo and word prompt too, create their own post to link back to, which you could share, or include in a post of your own, as everyone in the hub follows you.
    Or maybe give a theme, with a week to submit. Then they can present the haiku in a roundup post. 😊

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  4. Hi TJ, I have scheduled a post for Wednesday, for the first ‘Floating Challenge’, named as such as this will float from one Hubber to the next, if you think that is ok! It will be live at 1am on Wednesday, UK time, so you could reblog it, or link to it. I gave a week to enter, and then I can do a post the following week, showcasing all the entries! Is this ok? I have a couple of days to change it if you would rather I did something different!
    I have a photo and a word prompt set up.

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