TJ’s Household Haiku – Reflect

St Malo with a Vaubon fortress in the background
St Malo with a Vaubon fortress in the background
St Malo with adjustments to recreate an old faded photo.

Let’s go Retro! Judy Martin of “Edwina’s Episodes” has proposed that the Haiku Hub theme for this month be “Retro”. Here is a challenge to incorporate some sort of “Retro” touch in you haiku this month. This is a photo I have played about with to give it an old look.

The prompt word for this week is “Reflect”

Memories reflect

A past now but dimly seen

Endless bright summers


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Golden fields of canola in WA
A field of canola in the Western Australian country side.

Last week the prompt “Gold” produced some brilliant results!

Lady Lee Manila is radiating gold here.

A wonderful photograph and haiku of gold from Claire Vetica

Ritu shares her radiant photo with two lovely haiku.

TJ’s Household Haiku – Gold

Judy Martin is, as always, a bright ray of sunshine for us all.

Freya has reminded us that the brightest things can sometimes be found within.

Bright prospects from The Poetry Channel!

All that glitters is not gold (except for Tucked into a Corner’s Haiku)

Image and Word has given us just that…a wonderful image and delightful words

Welcome to Mother Willow has created gold here with a great image and brilliant haiku.

Haiku – Gold

A second spring from “On the Land” has a wonderful image you must see!

And lastly the wonderful Kat Myrman with the joy in the heard of a rose.

TJ’s Household Haiku is a Weekly Haiku Hub event.

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Feel free to join in! Simply use the photo or the word (or both) to write a haiku and share a link to your post in the comments (open by clicking on the black speech bubble)


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror


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