Pink flower closeup (Large)
Pink flowers just coming into bloom by the stream

Save seeds for springtime

Breaking through the barren earth

Tiny miracles


Sometimes we find our lives barren and bare. Stripped of colour and of life. The loss of a loved one, separation or just the unrelenting anxiety brought on by the frenetic pace of life and seemingly endless flow of tragic news that erupts from our TV’s, radios and computers. We can let this overwhelm us and end our days in an emotional desert or we can look at the barren field and see an opportunity to plant something new.

Each day has its challenges, its miseries and its wonders and by planting the right seeds we can make our lives wonderful again.

Don’t let life get you down. There is so much to celebrate, to be grateful for and to enjoy.

You have to do the planting. You have to nurture what is good in you. You have to nurture the good in others.

You have to plant the seeds that will grow into the garden you want and not let others sow rank weeds that choke out the joy of your life.

A barren field can be a blessing, an opportunity and a challenge.

If you are in a wintertime of your soul, plan ahead and take time to cultivate a better garden in your heart when springtime comes again.

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