Midweek Gratitude

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We can live in a tower built of woe or one of blessings. I prefer blessing with the odd woeful brick for contrast


I am horrified to realise I missed two weeks of Midweek Gratitude but have to plead illness for my lack of reliability. Thankfully I no longer am doing a “Dame aux Camelias” dying duck act and can refocus my attention on being grateful this week.

So here are my three and if you would like to add your own or just reflect on what things have made you feel gratitude this week then I hope I have given you some positive thoughts for the day.

  1. Job offers – I am grateful for the chance to try out something new next term. Same place but whole new role.
  2. My brother –  he is the youngest sibling and far less neurotic and pent-up than me. He saved my life once (but that is another story)
  3. Being taught to cook by my grandmother – I so enjoy being able to put a decent “feed” on the table for the family is something I really love doing. My grandmother didn’t care if you were a boy or a girl. We all helped her in the kitchen and all learned to cook as a result. It is nice to be at the point where you know enough now to know instinctively what ingredients to add rather than have to follow the recipe.

Cheers to those who chose to share on the last gratitude post.

I am grateful for the role models I have in my siblings, the reminders to keep trying and the love that fills my heart to overflowing!


Grateful for opportunities given this week, supportive colleagues and a wonderful husband!


  1. I was so hoping to see this post, kept checking all day 🙂 Those are wonderful “gratitudes”, TJ–and I’ll post mine, and link back here. I’m glad and grateful you’re recovering–thank you for being you! 🙂

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  2. 1. I’m grateful for antibiotics as one of my grandchildren contracted Limes Disease from a tick last week.
    2. I’m grateful for my own good health which has had its up and downs throughout my life but right now is tip top.
    3. I’m grateful for the rain that came yesterday and watered my garden and gave me a lovely companionable couple of hours colouring-in with my grandsons, instead of playing football in the park.

    Thank you TJ for this opportunity to share the good!

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