TJ’s Household Haiku – Light

The light shade in my hall. Flipped 180 degrees and viewed in HDR and it becomes a deep sea creature.

Seen in a new way

Now a deep sea jelly fish

Now a hall-light-shade


Wandering about the house looking for a prompt for this week I snapped the light in the hall. When I looked at the photo I was surprised to see the rather prosaic glass shade transformed into a strange amoebic object. Elusive Trope reminded me on another post of a reference to “Finding Nemo” and I this made me recall the scene where they find themselves amongst a sea of jelly fish.

I would love to see what readers can come up with for the theme “Ceiling Light” this week.

Many thanks to those that participated last week with the prompts “Meal and Friendship”

The Lovely Edwina’s Episodes share camaraderie here

Three lovely haiku about family and friendship Lady Lee Manila

Welcome to Jane from You Reader Me Jane who has participated for the first time. A haiku of saved faces and great charm.

Elusive Trope transports us to simple pleasures in a (I want to say a Yurt) but please pardon my ignorance oh excellent Mr Trope. A wonderful message.

And last for this week, Pat B with a simple message of why sharing a meal is so much more than eating.

If you would like to participate simply write a haiku post of your own on your own blog, inspired by the prompt, and add a link to it in the comment section here. Just click the black speech bubble to access the comments.

All of the past prompts and haiku from all participant can be found by clicking here



  1. Love what you did with this–the lamp shade is lovely, and how you turned it–WOW. I don’t know how I missed last week’s (meal and friendship)–something must have been going on….I may do it belatedly. So this week’s is the full term “ceiling light”, not just light–correct?

    Liked by 2 people

      1. You’re most welcome, TJ–and thank you for giving us such pleasure! Having missed the previous prompt (meal & friendship), I realized it will serve excellently for my Thanksgiving post on Thursday–hurrah, things always work out perfectly!

        Liked by 1 person

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