Mondayitis – the saga continues

Whale remains Western Australia

When last we met I was in a pit of despair, internetless and alone.

Whale remains Western Australia
A natural representation of my world following the loss of the internet.

A trip to the barber, while restoring my beard and coif to their prime proportions did little to relieve the dead feeling inside. Even a purchase of two 17th century figural studies, 3 Japanese e-hon (woodblock picture books) from the 1830s and several other choice 18th century engravings for a mere nothing left me only slightly thrilled and I returned home heavy-hearted.

My beloved, concerned at my distress, suggested watching a movie. I could not bring myself to devote two hours to amusement when the world was collapsing about me. She coughed sympathetically and returned to bed. I, intent on not succumbing to grief, went to the hardware store and came back with a new door knob, which I was able (to the immense surprise of my children and spouse) to install in the front door.



Son the Youngest bursts in to inform me that “A man” was at the door asking something about buying a telephone.

I threw off my Elvis onesie and put on some less embarrassing clothes. Miracle! It was the telephone man come to fix the phone line TWO DAYS EARLY!

After digging up various parts of the garden, opening manholes up and down the street and narrowly avoiding being saturated when I discovered him hidden behind my hibiscus border while I was watering, he at last informed me that we had full connectivity! JOY!

I asked him to linger while I checked my internet connection.


“Well you definitely have full connectivity so you probably need to contact your company to register your modem.” he said running for his van and driving away like a maniac.

Well at least our phone now worked.

I sighed and replaced the back door knob.


Ronovan Writes Haiku Prompt this week is “Magic and glimmer” neither of which happened.

A glimmer on screen?

That glimmer of bright sunshine?

Lost in the ether (net)






  1. Oh dear…I definitely think you have a career in writing melodrama. And I felt your pain, as you requested the guy linger long enough to see if things worked–his declaration that you had “full connectivity” as he escaped to his van (as though he feared you might be armed). What a saga…. On the other side of the world, my new blog is up–“Stella” will be writing for your prompts (with same request that you not over-fuss about my offerings). Chin up, TJ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks and intrigued to see your new incarnation. Just attempting to set up a Friday recipe share. If it doesn’t appear you will know the net is still causing issues. Hope your weekend is a wonderful one.


      1. I really should throw parties for “new incarnations”–there must be a menu suitable, eh? Don’t fret about posting right now, TJ–or anything pertaining to blogging. You’ve alerted us to the trial and tribulation, so at least we know what’s going on 🙂 We’re here, whenever you’re back on track and ready to greet us! 🙂 Take good care–I’m so ready for a weekend!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. An Elvis onesie eh? I knew you were a man of style TJ!
    I roared my head off at the engineer hot-footing it away from you before you had a chance to lynch him! So glad you are back, although truth be told, your misery did have chuckling and roaring with glee!


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